Blackout; calm, still, breathing.
What does it mean to be human? It means to wonder, to explore, to breathe, to share. It means to feel. Under the surface every individual is the same; vulnerable and yearning to connect. To be human is to laugh and cry, jump and fall, suffer and overcome.
When was the last time you looked inward? The last time you delved into your own mind, into your tensions, your internal conflicts.
For the outside eye, these two humans appear serene, in their own place of composure. Though as they are being watched they are acknowledging their inner dialogue. Recognizing the tension within each of them, delving into their own internal conflicts. This universe is more than themselves as individuals, this universe encompasses the two of them. They do not only interact with their own vulnerability, but each other’s, creating a fragile yet powerful space for them and their sensitivities to connect; as well as, deny each other. There is an initial inclination to withdraw from themselves and from one another as they feel vulnerable and exposed. Though this hope for liberation is unattainable and as they are confronted with a tender violence they are forced to reflect upon their internal and external position.
The want to escape is not an unknown feeling to most, nor is the desire to deny the distressing positions we are placed under. Interacting with our inmost emotions is daunting although the confrontation we must experience creates beautiful pathways within ourselves. As these two humans delve inward, they create beautiful pathways within themselves, as well as, creating pathways with one another that are delicate, vulnerable, violent, calm and alluring. They are not only accepting themselves as individuals, but accepting one another. They are creating a connection that is sensitive, tender, and irreplaceable.
Each individual has their own story, their own patterns. And as these patterns are created, they overlap, they cross, tangle and twist. They tie together allowing each individual’s story to blend. They allow our story to become a part of your story. 



Vancouver, British Columbia; not just where we grew up, but a location where we feel the depth of comfort. As duo’s are constructed with trust and connection, we felt the need to create together in our corner of the world where we feel connected–above the water and between the mountains of our British Columbia.